Best UK Mobile Gambling Apps & Sites


Your guide to playing the finest poker on your mobile. A good poker site has been hard to come by, but they are finally being released into Google Play and iTunes. Find and compare the top 5 poker sites for UK players. We also list all of the outstanding bonuses! If you're interested William Hill are who we'd head over to for poker - You might be surprised to hear that, but they are!


Most of the major bookies now have dedicated apps for their casinos and there are also some dedicated casino companies. We've played on all of them to find our top 5, including roulette, Blackjack and slots games.


Get this months top rated bingo app! Whether you're using an Android or an iPhone you should check out our guide to the some terrific UK bingo providers. These are real money bingo apps from the top UK bingo companies. Paddy Powers' bingo arm is definitely worth a look.

Sports Betting

Outstanding sportsbooks for UK punters in 2018. We've placed a few bets in our time and these are superb for racing, tennis and other sports. We especially like William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power for all of our sports betting needs.

A guide to Betting on your Mobile

Nearly every major online bookmaker has a dedicated app available for mobile betting via mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile Apps can be far superior to desktop betting. As they offer overwhelming convenience and the increasing sophistication of the software make it immensely appealing. Online desktop betting is not yet redundant but is pefect for those who like to bet on the go. As peoples lives get busier portable technology will get even more important.

In 2016 mobile browsing overtook desktop usage for the firsttime as the share of desktop web browsing traffic shrunk to 48.7%. It has already overtaken desktop.

Some fine software developers combined with advances in technology has led to the development of some impressive software. These are compatible with all of the in demand devices, including Android phones, and the iPad and iPhone, meaning that punters can have a punt on the go with ease.

Installing the best betting apps onto your device is totally free of charge. They don't cost anything to buy, but you will need to spend a couple of pounds if you want to take partin football betting or get involved in some live betting.

The Advantages of Betting on the Move

The Pros

Completely Portable: Part of the appeal of gambling is that it's… well, portable. You can take your mobile phone anywhere - it fits in your pocket - this is what appeals most. You don't need to visit a high street store, you don't need to wait until you get home to have a bet. You can do it on the bus, in the pub or whilst on your tea-break at work.

Convenience: With mobility your bookmaker of choice comes the convenience. After a long hard day at work, you no longer need to pay a trip to the local betting shop. This saves a bettor time.

Quick: It is quick and simple to place a bet making it a hit wth most punters. Obvisouly this wasn;t always the case but due to advances in technology, the introduction of 4G and wireless browsing and thus betting on the go is the way of the future.

If you choose to bet via one of the most popular ones, your experience will be so good you’ll probably never need to venture to a high street bookmaker or set up your desktop computer again!

How to Bet on the Move

Whether you want to have a stake on the major sports event happening this weekend, play a few hands in the casino as all of the best betting apps listed on our iste have created an app or a mobile sports betting site that's specifically for one of the major mobile operating platform. Most bookmakers and casino's have focussed on Android and Apple devices but some have created them for Blackberry and Windows.

iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

iOS developed for Apple devices is one of the most popular Operating systems. iPhones are a hugely fashionable, and native mobile sports apps have been created for the iPhone as well as the iPad. Crazily some have even created them for the Apple Watch. Discover who made the list of top 5 in 2018.

Paddy Power, 888spo and Betfair have created some of the best betting apps.

Have you ever looked at the iTunes store and seen how many sportsbooks have apps in there? We have! So we've done the leg work and rated them with our system to bring you the greatest available for iPhone & iPod touch. We've also covered all the tips, stats and ones for sports news in our weekly blogs. Our favourites are the racing app, Futbol 24 live scores and Squawka.


Is the world’s favourite Operating System so attention has been focused on creating native apps for smartphones running on this system. There are a plethora available but knowing what the main online betting sites are for your phone or tablet is no easy task.

We have searched tirelessly using all of our resources and knowledge to reveal the ideal betting sites in existence. We have tried and tested all that we have found and have compiled our top 5 and explained how to install them. Take a look at our list of the best ones and install the mobile app that is most suitable for your needs.


Blackberry users can now install from the Google play store. This is great news. Check out the top 5 for Blackberry!


There are not too many available for the Windows Phone and Tablet. Discover who has one that you can use on your device.  Windows users can get push notifications with the latest football scorers app, do the lottery with the Betfred lottery and gamble on all the best mobile betting sites. Discover the most incredible optimised sports betting sites that allow you to get betting on your smartphone today

None Available for your Device?

Every online and highstreet sportsbook understands how important betting on the go is to punters. Where operators haven't been able to develop an app they have created a fantasitic betting platforms.

These mobile betting sites take the form of responsive webpages that have been slimmed down so they work beautifully. The difference between dedicated iPhone or Android apps and a mobile betting site is minimal - they function in exactly the same way and the latter can still be added to a device's start screen. You don't, need to download any software on to your device like you need to with an app.

Responsive Websites

Bookmakers are now choosing to build their websites using HTML5 so that they can create one website that works on all smartphones instead of creating native apps for each operating system.

HTML5 is the latest version in markup language used to structure websites. It's responsive and games can be created with it.

This means that they can build one website and it will work for all sorts of devices – computers, laptops, tablets, phones and so on. The page (and your browser) will resize the games to properly fit your device.

How to get Started

Getting started is incredibly simple. Here’s what you need to do:

Take a look at our list of premier online sportsbooks and choose one you like the look of.

Of course if you're already signed up with a specific bookmaker it makes sense to download thier betting apps and keep betting with them. If you have used the online site you find it easy to navigate around the online site and you will be used to their betting markets, offers and promotions.

If you want to choose a new one to download, you'll need to consider which one is the most fitting for your betting habits. A good reason to start betting with a new one is to claim their free bet offer. Free bets are available from all te good ones - they come in a range of disguses.

Before you choose, think about what markets you plan it for. If you like to bet on the soccer one of these dedicated football apps will be preferable for you. Likewise if you bet on the horses, a site that is specific for the nags will be most suited to your needs. However if you like to bet on a range of sports one of these will be ideal.

Either download the app, or visit the online sportsbook and make your wager. Our top rated bookmakers have created webpages that are fully compatible with smartphones so you won’t sacrifice any quality if you decide to use the bookies mobile site instead of downloading the app.

Register your details to create an account and deposit funds into your account.

That’s it, you’re ready to speculate on your favourite sport.

Our site provides information

Every operator featured on our site provides customer support should you need it. Just navigate to their site and click on customer support and they will provide you with a list of ways you can contact them. The usual ways are telephone, live chat and messages.

Most accept a range of payment types including, but not limited to debit / credit card, bank transfer, paypal, prepaid vouchers or ewallet systems such as neteller and Skrill. Most accept a range of payment methods including the following currencies; AUD, BGN, BRL, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HUF, INR, JPY, MYR, MXN, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, TWD and USD.

The payment type you use can often have an effect on whether you think it is one of the best betting apps or not. If it doesn't offer your favoured payment method, it's wise to avoid.

Many sportsbooks listed on our site such as the Ladbrokes App and Betway are offering exclusive deals to their new and current customers. Customers who have just started to place a wager with a sportsbook may not be aware that exclusive deals are available. Simply take a look on their promotions page.

Types of Online Gambling

The term gambling is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. When someone is having a wager on a sports event it is usual to stay tey are betting.

Betting on Sport

One of the most important aspects a punter needs from a top betting site is having odds for all the top events' odds at your fingertips.

However as many people that place bets via a mobile device really enjoy placing in-plays bets and accumulators it is important that creative ways to maximise a users enjoyment attracts and retain more customers have been created. A range of promotions have been introduced that allows a user to profit from some of the greatest, most exciting and even the most obscure events from around the world have some happy customers.

The term sports betting covers a wide range of events, basicly anything that one could have a bet on. Whilst soccer, horse racing, cricket and tennis are the top sports that people bet on, odds for other special events such as whether it will snow at Christmas are all available.


If you like having a bet on the soccer, placing a weekend acca or betting in-play then check out our guide. Discover which is the faourite bookie for odds as well as the leading prediction and football game apps. No guide would be complete wihout looking at which is phenomenal for bets on this superb sport.

Compare the tools available ahead of major competitions such as the World Cup, English Premier League and Euro 2020, so you are prepared for placing your bets whist out and about.

There are some incredible ones that even allow you access lives streaming of soccer and other sport. This is awesome if you want to bet in-play. It's also superb if you fancy watching the match whilst out and about.

Most offer a range of tools that are great for those looking to bet on UK soccer. Some let you cash out on your bets, others give you you're money back if the match ends 0-0 and others which settle your bet if your selected team go 2 goals ahead.

Placing accumulators can be great fun and can generate a great profit if yours wins. It's possible to place incredible accumulators by using specialised apps such as Acca Tracker. There are also others from some leading sportsbook that offer insurance or bonuses.
When it comes to placing a wager on your selected team, you will discover a huge range of markets available whether you follow Manchester United, England FC or Accrington Staley


From domestic county championships, world test matches, twenty20, IPL and the cricket world cup there is always a match happening somewhere that fans are searcing for the odds to place a bet via iPhone or Android device. Read our guide and learn the most excellent online betting sites to make your real money cricket bets at.

Horse Racing

Is one of the world’s oldest sports, typically it involves two or more horses running over turf, dirt or synthetic a surface. It is inextricably linked with gambling, and is one of the most popular sports that punters bet on. There are some very big races throughout the year that people bet on including the Grand National, Royal Ascot and the Cheltenham Festival. Most bettors currently bet whilst out and about. Take a look at our dedicated racing page and dicover the best betting app for havng a punt on the horses with.

Virtual Sports

Is the latest craze in the sports gambling world. A type of betting that is a combination of betting and slot machines where players bet on the outcome of a sporting event where the winner is decided by a computer algorithm.


The PGA and European Tours are the main events in the golf calender. The Masters, U.S Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship have the most sought-after prizes in the sport. The Ryder Cup is a biennual event. All of these golf tournements give punters lots of opporunitty to have a flutter.

Bet Types that Punters Place

The most popular bets that are placed on sports are pre-match bets such as the race winner and who will win the match.

Mobile sports betting has made in-play (live / in-running betting) really attractive. A dedicated betting app is essential for fans who want to make wagers from the stands as the game unfolds.

It is also possible to access the more well known betting exchanges as well allowing mobile bettors to place lays and back bets.

Fantasy betting on the go is also becoming favoured.

Gambling Games

Most people choose their gambling site based on the selection of games available. The selection of games offered at online can determine how many people register to participate. The quantity of games being offered at mobile casinos is growing every day. It's not just about rouette and slots these days. Players can enjoy online poker, bingo and lottery via some of the finest casinos whilst out and about.


One of the most popular types of gambling is games found in online casinos because of advances in mobile technology. Casino games are very accessible as users who install gambings apps can enjoy casino games such as roulette, blackjack and slots on the move.

It's much easier to pick up your tablet or smartphone and have a few rounds whilst sat on the sofa than it is to boot up the old computer.

Players can visit any of the leading casino's and find lots of card games such as blackjack and baccarat or table games like roulette. If slots are your thing there are plenty of these available online or via apps. There are also apps dedictaed to those that like to have a go on the slots.

Our casino game guides outline all the terrific apps to try out your favourite game as well as provide strategy to ensure a fun and successful gaming experience.

Top Tips

Never Save Passwords on Your Device - we all do it, we all save our details on the login page so that when we return we don't have to remeber our details. But this is a sure fire way to out yourself at great risk if your device were ever to be lost or stolen. Anyone that gets hold of your phone would be able to play through any available balance you have left on your device at the time.

Do not assume the mobile site is classed as “mobile”. When a lot of sites talk about mobile, especially when relating to offers, they mean through the app.

Mke sure you're connected to WiFi as often as you can - it could cost you lost of money if you are placing bets whilst using the internet when you using data.

Turn on your location services - bookmakers need to know where you are accessing their services from. They need to know that you are betting from a legal territory.

Set an upper limit for the amount you can deposit and bet - this is especially important if you have a gambling problem.

Optimise the Battery Life - running lots of apps, especially if you are streaming live sports can drain you battery quicker than you think. It can be useful to turn off Bluetooth, keeping the display brightness and sounds to a minimum, and using a solid Wi-Fi internet connection instead of your data will help preserve some of the battery life.
If you are about to start playing blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Slot Machines, craps, Spanish 21 or any other live games on a mobile device you can get a plethora of information on this website. We like to feature our number one operator at the top of each page. This means you don't have to scroll down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a quick flutter on the horses or a bet on who will win the match is an excellent way to have a bit of fun. Take the time to look through these questions and you will soon find out which mobile betting site works and if they are worth joining.

Are mobile betting sites safe?

The leading sportsbooks have utilsed large software companies to create their software and due to the extensive security measures built in they are very safe to use. If you want to make a stake you need to entrust your bank details to them so it is vital that it is safe to do so. With this in mind it is important to learn who runs the site and verify the level of SSL encryption is keeping your details safe. We ensure that all of those listed are safe to play. We blacklist any with software which is not up to scratch.

When you think about the fact that you will be making deposits and withdrawals of your cash and winnings you certainly want the safety and security to be a massive deal to the mobile sports site.

How are they regulated?

Every online casino has to meet a set of regulations if they want to remain licensed in their local jurisdiction. Bookmakers operating in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

The UK Gambling Commission was created and empowered under the The Gambling Act of 2005 to regulate the UK gambling industry, with a particular focus on online games. It is often held up as a prime example of gambling regulator best practice, and used as a benchmark for comparing regulatory licensing bodies in other countries and states. Players age 18 and older in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can legally gamble with online casinos, bookmakers, and even bingo apps as long as the operator has obtained a registered license from the Gambling Commission.

How do I find a trusted bookmaker?

When searching for a trusted one you should rely on reviews and websites that specialize in tracking down the finest sports betting options on the Internet.

The leading online bookmakers are already well-known, and you most likely see adverts for them in the local press or during major sporting events. They may also have a high street chain. When you use one of the nations favourites you are accessing well-made and highly-trusted betting portals as well.

Which Sports are Popular to Bet On?

One of the earliest sports that punters bet on were the dogs and the horses. The horse racing is still a hugely favoured sport to bet on. Football is today the sport that most people will have a wager on, Premier League fans love to place pre-match bets and in-play betting gets more adopted by the day. Another one is cricket.

Which Bookmakers Give the Leading Odds?

The odds offered do vary from site to site. Some offer slightly more competative odds for the soccer but less so for the tennis for example. Many offer daily price boosts and enhanced odds which give punters a bit of a boost. It's always a good idea to have accounts with a couple so that you can place your bets with the sportsbook that has terrific prices that day.

Which Have the First-Rate Promotions?

All sportsbooks offer new customers a free bet or bonus when they open an account. These signup offers are often unmissable. There are also have a range of promotions for existing customers to get a free bet or two each month.

Can I use my Device to Withdraw Funds?

The majority of bookmakers allow you to withdraw funds. If withdrawal via mobiles is not possibe you can log on to the online site once you are at home. The faq pages will reveal if they allow mobile withdrawals.

Which Mobile Betting Site is Superior?

There are several that we cannot recomend enough like Betfred, Betfair, Paddy Power and 888sport. We are not fans of 10bet, Skybet or Betvictor for a varety of reasons.

What Types of Bets Can I Place?

A full range of markets are available via the bookmakers mobile betting site. As a bettor you can stick to the most common markets such as outrights and accumulators or delve into obscure markets and place a single such as team to score first or which team will get the most red cards. These bets can be placed before the event kicks of or during the match via the in-play market.

What Should I Consider When Picking a Bookmaker?

When deciding upon a site to bet at there are a few questions to consider:

Does the site have a valid licence from the Gambling Commission?
Which Software provider has the bookmaker employed?
What markets are on offer?
Are features such as cash out and edit my bet available?
Is their a free bet offer?
Are promotional offers avaialble?
Is the site one of the leading online sports betting sites in the uk?

Is there a limit to how much I can bet?

Generally speaking the amount someone can bet varies. Whilst their might be a pretty high maximum imposed by the bookie, users can always impose a monthly limit upon themselves. This is especially useful if you have, or might develop a gambling problem.

Often their is a max and minimum amount you need to stake attached to bonuses and other offers.

What are the Advantages of Downloading the Betting App or Casino App?

Installing the dedicated one can be a smart decision. A major positive is that players can directly access the betting portal or casino from their phone’s home screen, without having to sign in on every visit. In general the app will offer more sports to bet on, have more betting features and offer more betting promotions.

Does It Use A Lot of Data?

We don’t have or know exact volumes of how much data any one app will use. It's probably good practice, when betting on a smartphone, to use free WiFi, whenever possible. Or if you plan to place a lot of bets on the move, get a big data bundle when you get your next contract.


Are they free to download? Yes they are. All gambling operators have placed there apps into the betting app stores and they are complementary to download. Obviously you need to deposit funds in order to place a bet or have money in your account to watch the live streaming of La Liga and other events.

Mobile Sports Betting Offers

When it comes to mobile sports betting you can generally claim a free bet (it may be referred to as a bet credit, risk free bet, deposit bonus) when you register for a new account.

Paddy Power, William Hill, Betfair and other big names offer an incredicble deal when customers open an account. New and Existing promotions are availble for sports bettors at the leading online betting and mobile sports portals. Betfair offers are some of the best in the industry. Often a promo code is needed to claim ofers aimed at new customers. If these are required. frequently they will auto Free spins are another type of offer. Often restrictions apply to this sort. These incredible offers can be found here

Can I Watch Live Streaming of Sport?

A number of the leading ones have made it possible for their customers to watch live streaming of a variety of sports using their online and mobile services.

The major sports already listed above as well as Tennis, basketball, badminton, snookers, greyhounds and soccer are simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewers smartphone, tablet or PC.

Live Streams are generally provided free of charge. But on the whole you need to have an account which is funded or have placed a bet within the last 24 hours in order to view. This obviously varies from provider to provider.
Take a look at our recommended list which offer live streaming.

New Betting Sites

Check back reguarly to discover if any new ones have been added. Checking can also ensure that you keep upto date with whch is the best betting app and the best betting sites to being using this year.

Mobile Devices

There are a huge choice of mobile devices for you to choose from. If you are a huge fan of betting then it would be prudent to select and buy the correct mobile devices for the needs of your preferred sports betting app and bet type.