How Old Do You Have to be to Bet on Horses in the UK?

18+ logoIn the UK there are various ways that you can place a bet on the horses. High street bookmakers, the Tote, online sportsbook and horse betting apps are just some of the available methods.

The UK Gambling commission regulates sports betting in England, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Wales. High street and online from operators have to obtain a necessary licences issued by the Gambling Commission and local authorities.

The Legal Age to Bet on the Horses
In the UK you have to be over the age of 18 to place a bet on the horses and other sports whatever the method of gambling you choose to use.

As part of the licence granted by the UK Gambling commission bookmakers have to ask you what your date of birth is to ensure that you are old enough to use their services. If anyone under the age of 18 places a bet on the horse racing (or any other sport) they are committing a criminal ace.

Some people believe you can bet at the age of 16, in certain situations like the lottery you can place a bet at 16. But to gamble on sports you need to be over the age of 18.

Social Responsible Adverting
Bookmakers and Online Sportsbooks have been coming under a bit of flack recently from the UK Gambling Commision due to their adverting before the watershed.

Industry Codes make it a specific requirement that every television and print advert should carry clearly either a ‘18+’ symbol or a ‘no under 18s’ type message.

The advertising of adult-only gambling products or product suppliers should never be targeted at children. Bookmakers frequently sponsor horse races and football teams. The logos of sports-books can not appear on children’s shirts.

Bookmakers are allowed to advertise before the 9pm watershed as long as their adverts are at the same time as the sports event is being aired live on television. These pre-watershed television adverts cannot include sign-up offers which are targeted solely at new customers; and pre-watershed television advertising cannot make reference to other gambling products that would not normally qualify for pre 9.00pm exemption.

The Be Gamble Aware website address also has to be included as some people develop a problem with gambling.