How To Place a Bet

This is a beginners guide to placing a bet online or via a mobile device!

This guide is for you if:

  • You know a little or a lot about sporting events
  • You know a bit about how to get around the internet and you have a mobile phone.
  • You know a couple of people you know talk about placing a wager on the horses on the weekend or you’ve seen people tapping away on their phone at the football match placing in-play bets.
  • You’ve seen the highs and lows of peoples reactions when they win and then lose a bet.
  • You know that betting on the sport is possible, you’d like a go as well but you have no idea how.

If you’re new to the world of betting but are interested in having a pre-match /event then read on to find out a little about how to place a bet via a mobile device. This post simply tells you how to place the bet but we will be introducing betting terminology shortly, which might be worth a short read.

Something you might be interested in, is our list of the best sports betting apps. Choosing one or more of these to access on your phone will be essential if you want to place a real money bet via your smartphone.

How To Place a Bet

After the introductory blub it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Please bear in mind that the actual specifics of placing the bet can vary from site to site so after you have decided upon an online sportbook (see the link above), have a quick peruse of the bookmakers FAQ’s if you are stuck.

To place a bet on sport with sportsbook you need to install the app and log into your account and have sufficient funds for the bet you wish to place.

Browse through the markets available and pick the selection(s) you wish to bet on by clicking on the price.

You will be able to place a single bet by simply selecting your price, entering the amount you wish to wager and the pressing the ‘place a bet button’. You will most likely recieve a confirmation message that will display the details of your bet.

Most sites allow you to place a Multiple Bets by tapping multiple selections until all the selections have been chosen, entering the amount you wish to wager and selecting ‘Place Bets’. You bet will be added to your betslip, which will generally be located on the top right hand side of the page.

Quick Bets
A number of sites give you the option to place a Quick Bet, this is a special features available on betting apps. It allows you to place a bet in seconds. To use this methods simply click on the selection and the Quick Bet window will open. Most bookies allow you o disable this feature. To place the bet just add your stake and tap on the ‘Place Bet’ button.

To use this method simply tap on the bet slip icon (usually in the top right of the screen), add you bet, stake and hit the ‘place a bet’ button.

Multiples / Accumulators / ACCAs
If you have added 2 or more bets to your betslip, the site will allow you to place an accumulator. Towards the bottom of the bet slip you will see the option. Simply add you stake and you will see the potential returns if the bet is successful. You will get a message to say that you bet has been confirmed.

Things to Note
Some bookmakers have a minimum amount you can bet (also called the stake).
Once you have placed your bet, check your results when the match, race or event has finished.

What to Do If You Win
After your bet has been confirmed as a winner (If it’s a horse race, jockeys need to return to weigh in room after the race for a few checks before they are confirmed as winners), log back into your account and you will see your winnings in your account. You can either use these to place another bet or withdraw them.

My mum successfully followed this guide and placed a winning bet with one of our suggested bookmakers. If she can do it, we’re sure you can. But if you do have issues, check our your chosen bookmakers FAQ’s or give their customer service team a ring.